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Mini USB Ultrasonic Diffuser

Mini USB Ultrasonic Diffuser

Mini USB Ultrasonic Diffuser

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Enjoy all the benefits of an Ultrasonic Diffuser with the convenience of a USB.  The perfect size for a smaller room, use your mini-diffuser in the bathroom, bedroom or office.

Ultrasonic technology produces a fine, cool mist, carrying with it your essential oils.  

Set your diffuser to run for 3 hours / until empty (approx 6 hours) / or intermittent until empty (30secs on 30 secs off runs approx 10hours).  The light feature can be set to automatically change through the 7 colours, set on one colour or turned off (note, when off, the power light will still remain on).


CAPACITY:  120ml

RUNNING TIME:  3hrs/6hrs/10hrs intermittent 

COVERAGE:  Small room 15-20sqm.

COLOURS:  Clear top with light woodgrain bottom.  7 LED light colours.  Light can be switched off.  Operation light always on.

WARRANTY:  12 months from date of purchase

SHUT OFF:  Automatic when empty