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Oily Subscription Box

Oily Subscription Box

Oily Subscription Box

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Introducing our current box - WARMTH  

Being physically warm and the feeling of warmth…..settled, cosy, calm, grounded.

The oils in this months box are all about physically warming you up and emotionally offering a sense of warmth and comfort, like a nice big hug!

10ml bottles of:


As well as 3 brand new, exclusive items:

Peru Balsam
I love this oil!  It's used in some of our Christmas blends to offer a vanillery scent, if you've been looking for an alternative to vanilla, you just found it!

Some say it smells floral, to me, it smells like a steaming hot cup of tea!  A powerhouse oil for all things respiratory support. 

We all know citronella is able to keep the bugs at bay, but this warm, grassy, lemony fresh oil is much more than that.  Use to help promote skin health, as an antifungal and to individually adapt to our mood!  Studies have shown, if you need a pick me up, citronella will do just that, but if you need calming & grounding just like magic it will do that instead!

Black Spruce
When I see photos of the Canadian forests with the tall, snow covered evergreen trees and the crystal clear waters, this is how I imagine it would smell.  Not too overpowering, just enough to know you’re trekking through the forest.  Then at the end of the day, rub this essential oil over your tired muscles to ease away the aches.

How does this subscription work?

You can either choose one off box ($125).  In this case you'll be sent the current box only.


Select Subscribe & Save to score the box for only $99.  You'll be charged the day you place your order and we'll ship the current box to you.

The following charges will automatically be as follows:

Quarter 1 - 1st January
Quarter 2 - 1st April
Quarter 3 - 1st July
Quarter 4 - 1st October

How will I know I'll be charged?

We'll be so excited to let you know what the next quarter has in store that we wont be able to keep it a secret!  1-2 weeks before the next box is due we'll let you know exactly what's included. 
If you're happy to receive it, you don't need to do anything your charge will automatically process on the 1st and we'll ship your box to you, if you don't want our latest box of goodies, all good, simply cancel your subscription.  
If you miss our announcements, you'll receive email notifications that you have a charge due shortly too.

Am I locked into any minimums?

No siree.  We don't believe in that, you're free to come and go as you please.

*No further discounts apply to subscription boxes.