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Oily Subscription Box

Oily Subscription Box

Oily Subscription Box

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Introducing our current box - RAISE YOUR VIBRATION  

There's a lot going on around us right now.  No matter where you sit on current world topics, one thing is for sure....

...we all need to raise our vibration!

Essential oils & crystals vibrate at such a high level we can't help but increase our vibration with them (this is one of the reasons they can help us shift stuck energy and improve our mood).  

There are 9 goodies in your High Vibe Box, including:

10ml bottles of:

Rose - the highest vibration of all.
Cedarwood Virginian
French Lavender
Romance Blend

As well as 2 brand new, exclusive items:

Lemon Myrtle 
Straight from the Australian bush, Lemon Myrtle is happiness in a bottle.  It’s fresh and vibrant fragrance is uplifting, full of energy and able to create a sense of peace when we’re feeling restless or tense.    

Juniper Berry
The ultimate psychological detoxifier.  When we’re stuck in periods of confusion, discouragement and apathy, Juniper Berry can help us through as it clears the path forward to clarity, strength & enlightenment.


An Amethyst & Rose Quartz diffuser necklace.  There's no better way to benefit from your essential oils each day than with diffuser jewellery.  Amethyst promotes calm, peace & balance and Rose Quartz is the crystal of self love.  A vibrational match made in heaven!

Your how to book will tell you all about the essential oils in your High Vibe box, as well as give you recipes and ideas on how to incorporate these oils into your daily routine to keep you calm, at peace & above the craziness of the world.

How does this subscription work?

You can either choose one off box ($125).  In this case you'll be sent the current box only.


Select Subscribe & Save to score the box for only $99.  You'll be charged the day you place your order and we'll ship the current box to you.

The following charges will automatically be as follows:

Quarter 1 - 1st January
Quarter 2 - 1st April
Quarter 3 - 1st July
Quarter 4 - 1st October

How will I know I'll be charged?

We'll be so excited to let you know what the next quarter has in store that we wont be able to keep it a secret!  1-2 weeks before the next box is due we'll let you know exactly what's included. 
If you're happy to receive it, you don't need to do anything your charge will automatically process on the 1st and we'll ship your box to you, if you don't want our latest box of goodies, all good, simply cancel your subscription.  
If you miss our announcements, you'll receive email notifications that you have a charge due shortly too.

Am I locked into any minimums?

No siree.  We don't believe in that, you're free to come and go as you please.

*No further discounts apply to subscription boxes.