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Essential Oils For Life, Love & Living Book

Essential Oils For Life, Love & Living Book

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Essential Oils For Life, Love & Living is a must have book for the essential oil lover.  Aromatherapy is such an interesting topic and this book is the perfect companion to have you safely and confidently using essential oils for you and your family.

What's inside?

What are essential oils?
Start by learning all about what essential oils are, where they come from and how they work in our bodies.

Carrier oils.
The carrier oil you choose to use with your essential oil is just as important as the essential oil itself, we've got an entire section dedicated to carrier oils.

Of course there's a heap of recipes in our essential oil recipe book!
Everything from hormones to colds & flus and sleep and stress.  

Natural Beauty & No-Tox Cleaning.
By the time you make it to the end of this book you'll be DIY'ing just about everything in your home!  Say goodbye to toxic beauty & cleaning products, we've got a recipe to help you ditch all your expensive, toxic store bought products.

Essential Oil Profiles.
This is where you'll learn more about each essential oil.  Not sure what an oil is good for or how to use it?  Just look it up here and you'll know exactly what to do with it!

All our most popular downloadable resources and now printed!  Our Essential oils by properties & conditions charts have their very own section to help you choose oils & make your blends.

Bundle with our Essential Oil Journal to save 15%  (select Book Plus Journal in the drop down box)

Book is 100% Designed and Printed right here in Australia.