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Lavender Hydrosol 50ml

lavender hydrosol floral water

Lavender Hydrosol 50ml

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What’s a hydrosol?

In short, when steam distilling a plant, water is used to separate the oil chemicals of the plant from it’s water soluble properties.  The oil rises to the top of the water - essential oil. 

What's left behind is the water that was used in the process, along with all of the water-soluble components of the plant.  This is now a hydrosol, also known as floral water.

Use your Lavender hydrosol as a cooling face mist to help reduce a fever, room spray to cleanse the air, a spray on your pillow before bed to help you get a good nights rest or even a spritz on the armpits as a deodorant alternative.  

A super gentle alternative to essential oils and safe for all ages.