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Mothers Day Mystery Box

Mothers Day Mystery Box

Mothers Day Mystery Box

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(No further discounts apply to Mystery Boxes....we're practically giving them away already!) 

They're back! 

Especially for Mother's Day, this time around our Mystery Boxes are all about LOVE!  

Each pack contains the same 5 items and is valued at $118!

I want one for me, one for my Mum & one for my Grandma.  Can you send to 3 different addresses?
Unfortunately each order needs to go to the one address.  Shipping is included in the price though, so just make 3 orders to different addresses :)

Can I include a personalised love letter?
As much as we would love to offer this services, unfortunately we can't at this stage.

Is the invoice included in the parcel?
Nope!  We don't include invoices in our parcels, your secret's safe with us x

So what's in the box??  Order now and you'll soon see!



** No further discounts apply.

**  Our Mystery Boxes are sold at a crazy discount.  Products contained within can't be exchanged or returned (unless faulty of course).