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Native Aussie Essential Oils 3 pack

Australian essential oil pack.  Kunzea, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Native Aussie Essential Oils 3 pack

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The Australian bush is home to many incredible native plants providing us with a wonderful array of native essential oils.

With a lot in common, these essential oils are all fresh, incredibly supportive to our respiratory system and provide wonderful protection against unwanted germs in the household.

We've bundled 3 of our favourites together for you:

If you haven't tried this oil yet, you are missing out!  A little known oil from Tassie, add Kunzea to your collection for colds & flus, and stress & anxiety.  But the most amazing quality this oil possesses is the way it helps with pain & inflammation.  If you've been searching for an answer for achy muscles, arthritis & joint pain....try a massage blend with Kunzea!

Tea Tree:
It kinda does it all.  Anit-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral.  This one is a medicine cabinet in a bottle.

We're all familiar with this one...it's been in natural cold & flu remedies for hundreds of years.  In fact it was in huge demand to help control the flu outbreak of 1919!  It's been well documented that Eucalyptus has anit-fungal, antimicrobial & anti-viral properties.  It's also an amazing decongestant.