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Bamboo Storage Display - SECONDS

Bamboo Storage Display - SECONDS

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***NOTE:  This item is sold as is.  No refunds/returns/exchanges.  They are all perfectly fine (no breakages) but just not perfect.  Scratches, marks, little dents....they already look a bit loved.***

What's the story with these seconds?

Well they're pretty much perfect.

During our last round of manufacturing, these didn't pass our stringent quality control tests.  There were a few glue marks, a few little scratches and marks.  Because of this we didn't accept them.

The manufacturer has since "repaired" them.  They've re-sanded, re-varnished them.  I still wasn't happy to accept them, as I don't think anything re-done is ever 100% perfect.

To prevent them going to waste, I've agreed to take them as seconds stock.

It's everything you've ever wanted in an essential oil storage box all rolled into one!

Crafted from sustainable bamboo, our storage display will keep your precious collection organised, safe and accessible.

The open shelving allows you to display all your gorgeous bottles, no matter if they're 5, 10 or 15ml in size.  And rollers too!  It seems there's never enough storage for your roller bottles - we've got you covered. 

Each of the 5 display shelves will hold up to:

11 x 10ml roller bottles
10 x 5ml bottles
9 x 10ml bottles
8 x 15ml bottles 

As if that isn't enough, the drawer holds 35 bottles also!  (We have been told that this time they all fit a 15ml bottle in every slot, we haven't seen these in person so wont guarantee it) they will definitely fit a 5 or 10ml bottle.

All of this without taking up much needed space in the home.  Measuring 18cm deep, 19cm tall & 25cm wide this stunning display will fit in even the smallest of spaces.