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Self Love Pack

Self Love Pack

Self Love Pack

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It's important that we take time to look after ourselves.  Self love isn't just some new age catch phrase, it's essential to allow us to maintain a state of wellbeing and balance.

The oils & jewellery in our Self Love Pack have been especially selected for the ability to allow you to relax and connect to your innerself.

Rose 3%
This luxurious oil is pre-diluted in Jojoba and can be applied directly to the skin.  Rose oil refreshes the soul and provides joy to ones heart!

Uplift the spirit, calm the emotions, relax and just let go with the refreshing scent of Bergamot.  

A powerful oil for grounding your emotions, cleansing the aura and connecting to your true self.

Rose Quartz Joy Diffusing Necklace
No Self Love ritual would be complete without Rose Quartz....the stone of love.  Love of ones self, and love of others.

Individually these items are valued at over $105.  Grab yourself a bargain at only $69!