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Oily Subscription Box

Oily Subscription Box

Oily Subscription Box

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Introducing our current box - THINGS I LOVE  

The purpose of this months box is 2 fold...of course to introduce you to some of my favourite oils, but also to remind you to:

Do/Be/Have things you love, just because you love them.  No further reason needed!

Selecting just 8 oils was hard...there are so many I love.  Your Oily Subscription Box Includes

10ml bottles of:

Sweet Dreams
Ylang Ylang
Jasmine 3% (pre-diluted with Jojoba)
Cinnamon Bark

As well as 3 brand new, exclusive items:

Litsea (May Chang)
A bit citrusy, a bit lemongrassy, a whole lot of energising and happiness.

His Blend
The masculine energy is strong and decisive.  Exudes confidence and assertiveness and knows how to get things done.  When you’re looking for discipline and structure/routine the masculine energy is where you need to tap into.

This blend is a combination of Cedarwood Virginian, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Cinnamon Bark to help you effortlessly step into the masculine.

Hers Blend

Sometimes we need to tap into the feminine - where we get our creative on, sing, dance, tune into our emotions and internal processing, let our intuition in and just generally soften.  The last few years have seen many out of touch with our feminine.  Living in fight or flight, the unknown and for some, self preservation makes it hard to soften and let go. 

This blend of Clay Sage, Frankincense, Tangerine, Geranium, & Ylang Ylang is all about bringing back the softness, the creativity and listening to our inner voice.

Bath Bomb Mould (for the first 100 orders)

How does this subscription work?

You can either choose one off box ($125).  In this case you'll be sent the current box only.


Select Subscribe & Save to score the box for only $99.  You'll be charged the day you place your order and we'll ship the current box to you.

The following charges will automatically be as follows:

Quarter 1 - 1st January
Quarter 2 - 1st April
Quarter 3 - 1st July
Quarter 4 - 1st October

How will I know I'll be charged?

We'll be so excited to let you know what the next quarter has in store that we wont be able to keep it a secret!  1-2 weeks before the next box is due we'll let you know exactly what's included. 
If you're happy to receive it, you don't need to do anything your charge will automatically process on the 1st and we'll ship your box to you, if you don't want our latest box of goodies, all good, simply cancel your subscription.  
If you miss our announcements, you'll receive email notifications that you have a charge due shortly too.

Am I locked into any minimums?

No siree.  We don't believe in that, you're free to come and go as you please.

*No further discounts apply to subscription boxes.