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Love My Oils
I love my oils and I love more that I can get them here in Australia. Keep up your wonderful work.

Meril W

Absolute 💜
Absolutely love this box! Stores all my oils beautifully, is well designed, sturdy and arrived really quickly!

Alex C


Storage Box

Excellent Experience
I had an excellent experience with Bec, she helped me with my enquiry and my questions. Everything I've gotten has been exactly to the quality advertised.


Essential Oils

Welcome to Love Thy Oils.  Here at Love Thy Oils (as the name suggests), we Love essential oils! We pride ourselves in sourcing the most pure 100% natural essential oils from all over the world. Why from all over the world you may ask?  Because although there are many Essential Oils Made In Australia, this beautiful country of ours doesn’t produce them all.   We believe in environmental sustainability, ethical farming and honouring mother nature in her truest form, which is why we source essential oils from locations far and wide.  It is our greatest pleasure to be able to offer you the best essential oils created with the utmost respect for the planet.

Love Thy Oils is an Australian family owned and managed business.  As a sister duo we’re not only sisters, we’re mothers, daughters, natural health and wellbeing warriors, essential oil addicts, and environmental advocates.  Between us we’re astute business women, aromatherapists, massage therapists, and passionate cooks (our dad is an amazing chef)! 

The Benefits of Essential Oils

The magic of aromatherapy has been used for centuries to help heal the mind, body and spirit. Essential oils have a plethora of health benefits from balancing emotional disorders, fighting bacterial and viral infections, healing wounds, restoring respiratory health, balancing hormones, relieving muscular pain and maintaining the integrity of the skin. We truly believe everyone can positively benefit from introducing essential oils into their lives. 

Offering the Highest Quality Essential Oils

It is our mission to be able to deliver to you the highest quality natural essential oils & aromatherapy accessories at prices that won't leave you having to sell your first born!  Our outstanding customer service, educational support and professional advice is second to none. We believe every family should be able to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and feel empowered to use them safely and effectively.