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Essential Oil FAQ's

What is the quality of your oils?
All Love Thy Oils essential oils are 100% Pure.  We never add fillers, additives, preservatives...each bottle of essential oil is 100% Pure oily goodness.

Where are your oils sourced from?
Everywhere!  Not all plants can be grown in the same location.  Each plant requires different temperature, soil type, altitude, nutrients that of course can't be found in just one location.  Our essential oils are sourced from all over the world then bought back to Australia, bottled and sent directly to you.

How are they tested?
Each batch of essential oil goes through a GC/MS test before it's approved for sale.  What the hell is that?  In short, it's a testing procedure that shows exactly what constituents (the different properties of the oils) are present within the oil and at what levels.  This ensures that each bottle of oil has the required properties and the levels needed for you to obtain the full benefits of the oil.

Can I ingest your oils?
This is probably the most highly debated essential oil topic.  As a general rule of thumb we advise against ingesting essential oils.  Our oils are 100% pure and potent and each individual person will have a different reaction to each oil for a vast number of reasons...medications & other supplements, allergies, quantities. 

We would also ask you why you are looking to ingest oils?  If it's to receive the benefits of the essential oil, you will receive all the benefits of your oils via aromatic & topical use.  If it's for flavouring (a drop of citrus in your water, a drop of oregano in your pasta), we'd suggest using the lemon & oregano...we were all using food before oils ;)   

If you are still considering ingesting any essential oil we recommend that you consult a trained professional first.   

What is your quality guarantee?
Every single order you make comes with a 100 day Love it or return it guarantee.  Just email if you're not 100% satisfied with your goodies.

Where are you located?
We are fortunate to be located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland (Australia).