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How To Clean Mould Naturally

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How To Clean Mould Naturally
Mould is really, really nasty.
Whist we're avoiding toxins in our dishwashing liquid, soaps and food, we often forget about mould.
Mould is one of the most harmful toxins out there and is responsible for a host of health issues.
Cleaning it with a diluted bleach solution DOESN'T kill it!
At a concentration of around 10% bleach does actually kill mould. Here's the problem....
What we buy from the shops (like Domestos) isn't even a 10% bleach solution, then we further dilute it. It bleaches (whitens) the mould, the act of cleaning removes the mould, but it wont kill's why it comes back again and again and again.
You need vinegar. Yep, plain old vinegar (you can add essential oils.  Cinnamon Bark & Clove essential oil are great for mould).
Don't dilute it. You don't want water anywhere near your mould.
Vinegar, spray bottle, microfibre cloth = dead mould.
After wet weather, it pays to check your home for mould. Look in the corners on your ceiling, skirting boards, inside cupboards, behind couches....mould is stealthy, it could be lurking anywhere!
Want to learn more about mould and how it effects your health?
There's an entire module dedicated to mould in our Low Tox Living Course....check out all the details here
PS. The responsible me needs to say, patch test etc, know the drill!

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