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How To Make Your Own Body Wash

How To Make Your Own Body Wash


Our skin is the bodies largest organ, it's no secret we need to look after it.  Whatever we put on our skin gets absorbed by our body and potentially ends up in our blood stream.

It's important we only use non-toxic, clean and nourishing products on our body.  That's why a DIY body wash is such a good swap to make.  It's so simple to create your own with just a few simple ingredients.

The best part?  

You get to create your own unique scents with the addition of whatever essential oils tickle your fancy.

Looking for something calming and soothing?  Try Lavender, Cedarwood or Frankincense.
How about something to stimulate the senses and get you moving in the morning?  Citrus oils and Peppermint will add a little spring to your step.

Below is our favourite DIY Body Wash recipe.  If you don't have vegetable glycerine, it's totally ok to swap it out for another nourishing carrier oil - try coconut, evening primrose, rosehip, vitamin e or even just more Jojoba.  Castile soap can be a bit drying so the addition of the oils helps to keep the skin silky soft.


200ml foam dispenser or pump bottle 

120ml of unscented castile soap 

20ml of jojoba oil 

50ml of vegetable glycerine 

Up to 60 drops of chosen essential oils 


Add the jojoba oil and essential oils to the bottle 

Shake to combine 

Add the rest of the ingredients 

Use in the shower to wash body 

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