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Treat Dark Spots Naturally

Treat Dark Spots Naturally


For most of us dark spots on our skin will eventually become a reality.

For me it was just after I turned 30.  I'd never had great skin, but almost overnight, discoloured patches started showing up on my cheeks....ewww!

Truth be told, I didn't actually try much to get rid of them.  I've never been into chemical laden skin care products and just took it as part of getting old (I know, the ripe old age of 30 ;))

One day I'd had enough.  I was getting into essential oils and thought I'd whip up a concoction of my own.

I knew I needed oils that would promote cell rejuvenation so I used Geranium, Frankincense, Copaiba & Cedarwood Atlas with Jojoba as the carrier.  It worked....I could definitely see an improvement.  But it wasn't until I added one extra step that I really saw the results.

Exfoliating!  I always sucked at this.  I'd do it once in a blue I get it!

I now exfoliate (I even bought an at home microdermabrasion machine, I love it that much now!) every second day, before applying my concoction.  This stimulates cell rejuvenation and opens up your pores so the oils can be better absorbed.

I wish I had a before and after.....well the fact there is no before is before enough.  Filters on photos, and mineral make up powder covered it all!

Dark Skin Renewal Recipe.

1 Drop Frankincense
1 Drop Geranium
1 Drop Cedarwood Atlas
1 Drop Copaiba
in a 10ml roller bottled topped with Jojoba oil.

Apply to skin once or twice a day.  Exfoliating first every second day.   

Give it a go....even if you don't have spots your skin will love it!

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