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Joy Lava Stone & Crystal diffusing necklace

Joy Lava Stone & Crystal diffusing necklace

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When it comes to energetic & emotional support you can't go past the combination of essential oils & crystals.

"Joy" is set on a 60+5cm stainless steel chain with 3 lava stones to diffuse your oils.  Just a drop or 2 on the lava stones can last for days!

Chose the crystal that best supports you:

HOWLITE:  Is a great stone for calming the emotions and aiding to reduce stress and anxiety.  Work too much, kids stressing you out?  Howlite can help.     

ROSE QUARTZ:  The stone of love!  Whether it be love of self, relationships, friendships or healing the heart.  If it's love you need, this is the stone for you.

TURQUOISE:  The healer.  One of the oldest stones in history and renowned for it's ability to heal, particularly with immune & respiratory systems.  Also an amazing stone for communication.   Need a little extra healing support?  Give turquoise a go.

AMETHYST:  Calm & Balance.  Connect to your inner self, align the mind, body and soul.  Love to meditate?  Amethyst is a great stone to mediate with.

CLEAR QUARTZ:  Can't decide?  The most versatile of all the stones, clear quartz has been known to help with any condition.  Particularly good for clearing energy blockages and allowing energy to flow freely again.