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Rose 3% Essential Oil in Jojoba Oil 10ml

Rose 3% Essential Oil in Jojoba Oil 10ml

Rose 3% Essential Oil in Jojoba Oil 10ml

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Just as the beauty of rose provides joy in the garden, the beauty of Rose Essential Oil provides joy to the senses, and support to the female reproductive system.

This luxurious oil can be applied directly to the skin to envelope the user in the most delightful of floral aromas. Rose Essential Oil has been expertly blended with Jojoba Oil to create empowering and uplifting multi-use oil that is perfect for calming emotions, inflamed skin and relieving headaches.

The perfumed beauty of rose will become a loved addition to any essential oil collection. This luxurious aroma is rich, yet delicate and has been celebrated for centuries to represent love and womanhood.


Relieve dry and irritated skin and reduce inflammation.

Mind: Promote relaxation and settle emotions during times of stress.

Body: Relieve headaches & may assist in balancing hormones.

Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis) and Rose (Rosa damascena) essential oil.

Safe For Children:  Yes

Safe For Pregnancy & Breastfeeding:  Yes


Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
maja babic

I was so looking forward to filling my house with the fragrance of rose which is my absolute favourite essential oil but unfortunately the fragrance was very faint and did not have the same notes as I’m normally used to.
It was still a pleasant fragrance but just so diluted and could not add enough to my diffuser for it to carry across the room and fill it with blooms
Super sad 😢

Hi Maja,
Sorry to hear this oil isn't as you expected.
It's already diluted as noted on the description and bottle (3%) so won't have anywhere near the fragrance of a straight oil (hence the pricetag too - straight Rose oil is hundreds of dollars).
You'll still receive all the amazing benefits of this magical oil, especially if you use it topically :)

Tamara K.

I use this one as a perfume, smells divine.

Tracey A.

Love the scent, goes great with my bracelets

Lynette S.

This oil is exquisite. Not on.y for the glorious scent and all it invokes ... it's subtle properties, but for skin care. The results using it ... sometimes in combination with other oils from Love Thy Oils, has had the most incredible results in general skin care but remarkable for scarring. ❤🌹

Tammy G.

Love Thy Oils Rose is gorgeous. So pretty and feminine. Very high quality. I recommend it.