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Turquoise & Howlite Diffuser Necklace

Howlite & Turquoise essential oil diffuser necklace

Turquoise & Howlite Diffuser Necklace

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The most fashionable way to diffuse your essential oils, diffuser jewellery is the perfect accessory for your aromatherapy collection.

Just a drop of your favourite essential oil on the lava stones will have you benefiting from your oils all day and beyond.

As an added bonus, gemstones have their own unique healing properties:

Turquoise:  One of the oldest stones in history and is used in many ways to support oneself both emotionally & physically.  It is also the stone of protection & tranquility.

Howlite:  Is a great stone for calming the emotions and aiding to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Lava Stone:  Grounding, centring and balancing the emotions, lava stone does it all.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Evalyn B.

Was such a beauty gift for my friend

Grace L.

So beautiful

Annabel S.

Love the colour blues are my thing. I love having these little gifts on hand for xmas or birthday extras with a bottle of the oils.

Leanne H.

I think I recieved this as a mystery gift, and I'm thankful for it every time I use it. I was slightly concerned that the chain length would be too short for me, but it is the perfect length. Plus such a pretty turquoise colour. I often use it with the stress ease blend.