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Buy One Give One

Horrific doesn't even begin to describe the devastation these floods have brought to many, many communities and families.

As the clean up continues, disease is a real concern.

Organisers of the flood recovery >>@floodsrecovery2022<< have put the call out for Tea Tree, Clove & Eucalyptus essential oil and we put our hands up to help!

The mud is toxic.  The smallest of cuts are getting infected easily, mould is starting to invade homes and these essential oils can absolutely help.

We have already committed 800 bottles and with your help can send even more.  For every bottle of essential oil purchased we'll be donating a bottle of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus or Clove on your behalf.  Purchase a 6 pack and we'll donate 6 bottles!

Having spent time volunteering in these communities, I've seen first hand just how valuable something as simple as a bottle of Tea Tree really is.

Every little effort to help matters.

I've been waiting for the perfect way Love Thy Oils can have the greatest impact and this is it.  Together we can help to ensure not a single cut or scrape goes untreated xx

PS.  This will be a fully transparent operation.  We'll be sure to keep you updated and let you know exactly how many bottles we're donating and where they're going.

We have sent over 40kgs into these communities so far....amazing!
We have also changed the terms on which we donate on your behalf.  As the communities would prefer the oil in bulk, we don't have the cost of the bottles/labels/bottling fees etc.  So rather than buy one give one (which is 10ml of essential oil) we're donating 20ml of bulk oil for every bottle purchased :)