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Serene Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Silver

lava stone, howlite and rose quartz aromatherapy necklace essential oil diffuser jewellery

Serene Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Silver

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Feel the calm take over you with this elegant addition to your diffusing jewellery.  Serene is on a 45+5cm stainless steel chain featuring Howlite, Rose Quartz & Lava stone.

Simply add a drop of your favourite essential oil to the lava stone to diffuse your oils on the go. 

LAVA STONE:  Renowned for it's grounding nature and wonderful for calming the emotions.

HOWLITE:  Is a great stone for calming the emotions and aiding to reduce stress and anxiety. 

ROSE QUARTZ:  The stone of love!  Whether it be love of self, relationships, friendships or healing the heart.