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Affirmation Essential Oil Blend 10ml

Affirmation Essential Oil Blend 10ml

Affirmation Essential Oil Blend 10ml

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Love and happiness, it’s what we all deserve, which is why we’ve created this uplifting blend of essential oils, as an affirmation that love and joy is possible for all. 

Perfectly formulated to promote feelings of love and happiness and reconnection to heart, because when all else in life falls away, our heart truth is truly what guides everything.

Love Thy Oils Affirmation blend offers the perfect selection of citrus and floral aromas that have been expertly chosen to uplift and enhance energy while soothing and calming, to promote the perfect blend of balance.

Beautifully Blended Ingredients:

Pink Grapefruit: Sweet, herbaceous, citrus aroma. Known for easing stress, nervous exhaustion and depression.

Lavandin Grosso: Calming and rejuvenating. A popular choice for improving sleep.

Lime: Crisp, sweet and fresh. Known for its uplifting ability to raise spirits and boost energy.

Lotus Pink Absolute: Viewed as a symbol of awakening, opens the user to kindness & forgiveness while calming and soothing.

Rose Absolute Bulgaria: Honey-like sweetness that is balancing. Relieves nervous tension and acts as an aphrodisiac.