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500ml Essential Oil Diffuser - Serenity

500ml Essential Oil Diffuser - Serenity

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The one you've been waiting for....an essential oil diffuser that runs all day (or night) long.

Whether you're looking to transform your home into a calming sanctuary or need a pick me up during the day, the ultra fine mist from this diffuser will disperse throughout your space in no time.

The high and low mist settings allows you to control the strength of your diffusion and the timer setting gives you control over how long the diffuser will run.

Choose from run times of 1,2 or 3 hours, or set to ON and allow the diffuser to run until empty (12 hours +).

Our diffusers are free from BPA's to ensure your essential oils maintain all their benefits and you're not diffusing any nasties into your home.

The LED lights make the diffuser a perfect night light or fun feature in your room.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Bernadette D.

Flow of mist overwhelming & pushing low button didn't improve the situation. It's also very thin plastic construction. It overall works well as a diffuser & has great water tank which lasts for ages.

Michelle M.

Nothing special for the price

Deborah J.

This is the crown jewel of all diffusers. Looks good, goes and goes and goes because of the large tank. The only thing i would have liked it to do was intermittent mist, but overall would highly recommend this one.

Katrina H.

Fast delivery and products were above my expectations!!!! Loving my little box of oils sitting on my lounge room table….a gentle reminder to use and enjoy 😊


The serenity diffuser is a must have in all households. You can enjoy your favourite oil blend for hours and hours while also watching the colour changes and constant relaxing mist streaming through your room. I love how people walk into my home commenting on the smell and generous size of the serenity diffuser.