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7 best essential oils for a good nights sleep

4 Best Essential Oils For Sleep


A good night's sleep is every woman's dream!  Sadly, many of us battle with not being able to drift off into a deep slumber of an evening and some of us are even left to function on only a few hours sleep a night.  

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You've heard about essential oils, but can they actually help us fall asleep?  

Yes!  They sure can.  

Not only can these plant-based extracts help you initiate sleep, but they may improve the quality of your slumber also, ensuring you wake fresh and rested each morning.   

It’s not rocket science, but essential oils contain powerful compounds that make them therapeutic to the mind and body.  Think of essential oils as superheroes in a bottle. 

For most of us who struggle with sleep, the problem is turning off the brain (the best ideas and the strangest thoughts tend to appear just as you're about to drift off, then boom! you're wide awake again)

Essential oils are incredible for helping turn off the brain, relax the body, calm all your emotions and prepare you for a good nights sleep.

Lavender:  We all know this one, tried and tested Lavender essential oil is an age old favourite when it comes to sleep and relaxation.  

Vetiver:  When you need an oil with even more sleepy properties Vetiver is for you!  It's renowned for it's sedative properties which mean rather than just relaxing the body, it really helps to induce-sleep.  It's a unique scent, so if you need to mellow it out a bit, add a drop of Lavender.

Sweet Orange:  Whilst it seems hard to believe, there are many people who don't enjoy the scent of Lavender.....crazy I know!  It's also known that for some of us, Lavender can actually have a stimulating effect, not what you want at bedtime.  
Enter the gentle citrusy sweetness of Sweet Orange.  It's a favourite sleepy time oil among kids too.

Sweet Dreams:  Sometimes you just want the hard work taken care of.  Our tried and tested sweet dreams blend is our most popular of all our relaxing aromatherapy oils.  A gentle combination of Lavender, Marjoram, Lemon & Chamomile.  It's so good!

There are many more essential oils worth taking a look at if you're struggling to sleep.  Essential oils do work differently for different people so try a few until you find your favourite.  This is where you can see all our recommended sleep oils.

So now you've settled on some oils to try, how are you going to use them?

If you're a bather, then an aromatherapy bath is just what the Dr ordered!  Just add 3-4 drops off essential oil to 10ml of a carrier oil and add them to your warm bath, such a relaxing end to the evening. 

An Ultrasonic diffuser is a must have.  My far the easiest way to use essential oils, you simply add a few drops into the diffuser with water and allow the cool mist to disperse into the air creating your own peaceful sanctuary.  

An all over body massage.  Nothing says relaxing more than a massage and you don't need a full 45 minutes with your masseuse to enjoy the benefits of an aromatherapy massage.  Simply add up to 12 drops of your essential oils to 20ml of carrier oil and enjoy a self massage after your shower.  Trust me, your body will love you for it!

Good sleep is beneficial to our overall health and wellbeing.  A small investment into a healthy sleep routine is well worth your time and money. 

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