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Do Essential Oils Really Help With Pain?

Do Essential Oils Really Help With Pain?


Sore muscles, achy joints, pains from there actually an essential oil that can help?

Good news is yes, there are essential oils that help relieve pain & inflammation.  You really do have a natural alternative!

Let's look at oils that help with inflammation which is quite often the cause of muscular and joint pain.  There are 2 stand out oils that really pack a punch and have been proven to provide relief when you need it most.

First up KUNZEA.
Native to Tasmania, Kunzea Essential Oil is top of our list for Pain Relief.  It works by relaxing the muscles which in turn helps to reduce inflammation.  This essential oil is relatively new to the world of essential oils and hasn't been studied in great depth, however you just need to read the rave reviews of people who are using this oil to know that it truly is AMAZING!

Then we love COPAIBA.
With all the hype around CBD oil currently, Copaiba is an essential oil that works on the exact same system of the body, the endocannabinoid system, which helps the body manage anxiety, inflammation, and other physical responses to stress.  But with no risk of any traces of TCH (the compounds in CBD oil that give you the "high" feeling).

So in short, there is a system within your body that this essential oil works directly with to reduce inflammation.

Our favourite pain relieving recipe combines these 2 oils as well as an all time favourite, Frankincense.

In a 10ml bottle combine:

4 drops Kunzea
3 drops Copaiba
3 drops Frankincense

This recipe is a higher concentration that you would usually use.  When it comes to targeted, short term essential oil use, it is ok to use a little more.  If this were a daily use you could drop the essential oils back to 6 drops in total (a 3% dilution).




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