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Aromatherapy for Everyday Wellbeing

Aromatherapy for Everyday Wellbeing

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It's the course we wish we had when we first started out......we're here to dispel all the myths, show you everything you need to know to use your essential oils safely and effectively.  

With 40 informative videos and step by step instructions taught by an Australian Qualified Aromatherapist, you'll be confidently using your essential oils in no time.  

You'll learn:

1) Overview of essential oils.
The history of essential oils, how they're extracted, how to choose a quality brand.

2) Safety.
It may not be the most exciting topic, but it's definitely the most important.

3) Using your oils.
Now the fun starts!  We cover different ways to use your essential oils to get maximum benefits.

4) Pregnant?
Essential oils can be a wonderful tool to help throughout your pregnancy, although there are some best avoided.  It's all covered here.

5) Essential oils and children.
Our little people can benefit so much from essential oils.  Learn how to safely incorporate them into your young ones routine. 

6) What about your pups?
This section is all about your cats & dogs.  It's important to understand how essential oils effect your pets to keep them safe.

7) Getting to know your oils.
An indepth resource detailing 26 of the most common essential oils.

8) Carrier oils.
Just as magical as your essential oils.  We look at the properties of carrier oils and show you how to choose the best carrier for your needs.

9) DIY.
Recipes and tutorials galore.  You'll have switched out all your toxic cleaning and beauty products for beautiful home made, non toxic options by the time you're done.



Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Leanne Coates
Aromatherapy Course

I absolutely loved these course .Very informative, as a newbie to essential oils , I learnt soo much .Well worth the money …

Karen P.

Only a quarter of the way through and finding it invaluable. Learnt quite a lot already, and I can go over sections I'd like to revisit anytime.

Plus it's nice to put faces to the lovely 'Oil Goils' as I like to call them!

Christine C.

First I didn't get a code to log into the site. I received another but no matter how many times I tried I could not get in. In the end I gave it up as a bad job and a total waste of money.

Hi Christine,
Sorry to hear you're having troubles logging in. We can help you directly, over the phone if need be to make sure you can access the course. If you email me directly: I can help you :)

Christine C.

I didn't receive the log in details first time I purchased it. I was sent another link to log into it. Still not able to get into it so never have got to link into to the site to access all the info. So disappointed.

Hi Christine,
Sorry you're having troubles logging in. We've just changed where we host the course in the last few days and there have been a few members who can't get onto the new site. If you email me directly - I'll make sure we get your access fixed up :)

Grace V.

I am loving the Aromatherapy for Wellness course. I’m only part way through it but learning a lot and getting some great value from the recipes. I’ve made the bath bombs already and they came out so good. My kids loved how they fizzed and created foamy bubbles. I’m looking forward to completing the course and learning even more tips and recipes for a healthier home.