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Essential Oils By Conditions

Essential Oils By Conditions

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A quick reference downloadable and printable guide to take the stress out of knowing which oil to choose.

Looking to make a sleepy blend?  Simply choose oils from the sleep column.

Not sure what an oil is good for?  With over 45 essential oils listed, you can easily learn what common ailments each essential oil is best for.

Or choose Conditions & Therapeutic Properties to also include our guide to choosing oils based on therapeutic properties:

Looking for an anti-bacterial oil?  Simply choose an oil from the anti-bacterial column.  Need to reduce pain and inflammation or create a calming blend?  We take the guesswork out of which essential oil to choose....it's all easily laid out for you.

Did you know many essential oils have a topical maximum?  Yes, that's all listed too so you can be sure you're diluting your essential oils to a safe level.   

This is just one of the many easy reference guides from our Aromatherapy For Everyday Wellbeing course.  Our students are loving how easy these guides make it to use their essential oils.

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