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Juniper Berry Essential Oil 10ml

Juniper Berry Essential Oil 10ml

Juniper Berry Essential Oil 10ml

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Juniper Berry is such a versatile essential oil.  Keep this one in your collection to help with everything from spiritual cleansing to physical detox & natural pain relief.

A unique scent often described as fresh, warm, woody, sweet and pine needle like (a bit of everything!), Juniper Berry is most known for its purification & protective properties for both body and spirit. 

Diffuse to keep negative energies at bay and use topically to cleanse the body of toxins.


Lymphatic Stimulation:
  Add Juniper Berry to a massage blend to help clear toxins and stimulate lymphatic drainage. 

Mind: Dispel negative thoughts, enhance self confidence.  Use as as overall spiritual detoxification.

Body: As an analgesic, Juniper Berry is perfect to use for conditions such as arthritis and general aches and pains. 

Juniperus communis.

Country of Origin: India

Safe For Children:  Yes

Safe For Pregnancy & Breastfeeding:  Recommended to avoid during pregnancy.