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Lemon Essential Oil (Cold Pressed) 10ml

Lemon Essential Oil (Cold Pressed) 10ml

Lemon Essential Oil (Cold Pressed) 10ml

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Lighten up your life with the zingy goodness of Lemon Essential Oil. This fabulous addition to any essential oil collection is renowned for its astringent properties, deep cleaning abilities and offers great antiseptic abilities.

A beautiful choice for both mind and body, Lemon Essential Oil assists with relief of migraines and headaches, aids circulation, reducing blood pressure and fever, all while supporting the immune system and easing nervous tension.

Great for treating gout, warts, tinea, rheumatism and arthritis along with increasing concentration. Lemon Essential Oil offers is the perfect example of the gifts that nature offers to provide natural solutions for mind, body, spirit and your home.


Deep cleansing and astringent properties to help control sebum production, cleanse oily hair and brighten complexion.

Mind: Stimulate the mind and improve clarity in decision making with increased mental alertness.

Body: Improve digestion and blood flow, reduce blood pressure and support immunity.

Home: An all-purpose cleaner for all areas of the home thanks to antiseptic properties and refreshing aroma.

Cold Pressed Lemon (Citrus limon) 100% Essential Oil

Country of Origin:  Australia

Safe For Children:  Yes

Safe For Pregnancy & Breastfeeding:  Yes

Safety:  Apply topically to a maximum of 2%.  Avoid direct sunlight exposure.