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Mandarin Essential Oil 10ml

Mandarin essential oil

Mandarin Essential Oil 10ml

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Happiness in a bottle, Mandarin is an oil you can depend on to lighten the mood, calm the nervous system and help you when you're just feeling a bit agitated and in need of some time out.

It's fresh, light and sweet...what's not to love?!

A favourite for kids who struggle with sleep and restlessness, especially if Lavender isn't their oil of choice, Mandarin essential oil is a wonderful alternative. 


 Can be used to help calm acne and clear congested skin. 

Mind: Emotionally uplifting, creating feelings of happiness and joy.

Body: Soothe and prevent stretch marks, especially when blended with oils such as copaiba, lavender or neroli. 

Cold Pressed Mandarin (Citrus  reticulata) 100% Essential Oil

Country of Origin:  Australia

Safe For Children:  Yes

Safe For Pregnancy & Breastfeeding:  Yes