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Neroli 3% Essential Oil 10ml

Neroli 3% Essential Oil 10ml

Neroli 3% Essential Oil 10ml

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Locate your inner peace with Neroli’s delicate aroma. Derived from the flowers of the bitter orange blossom tree, Neroli essential oil has a rich floral fragrance intertwined with subtle citrus overtones that promote relaxation and joy.

Thanks to its toning, soothing and antimicrobial properties, Neroli is a famous ingredient in skincare products.  Our Neroli oil is already pre-diluted to 3% with Jojoba so you can apply directly to your skin to benefit from its regenerating and uplifting properties.


Skincare: Neroli boasts a heap of healing properties. It is an amazing oil for the treatment of stretch marks and scarring.  

Mind: Cheer yourself up with the cheeky citrusy scent. Nerolis uplifting properties will leave a big smile on your face.  Apply directly behind your ears or add four to eight drops to a diffuser.

Body:  Versatile Neroli essential oil is a natural remedy that can decrease premenstrual syndrome symptoms. A few drops in a warm bath can help relieve stress, tension & cramping.

Ingredients: 100% Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba Oil), 100% Citrus Aurantium Amara Flower Oil (Neroli Premium Oil)

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Deborah K.

My daughter and daughters in law, love this oil. I bought to go with their Shakira bracelets.

Christine W.

I love this oil for period pain cramps.

Donna C.

Love the oil.

Robyn B.

Smells lovely, just like Neroli, and is an affordable way to experience this beautiful essential oil

paula n.

i have been adding this to everything after i read how useful it is. it has become a staple in my diffusers.