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Nerolina Essential Oil 10ml

Nerolina essential oil 10ml

Nerolina Essential Oil 10ml

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Another Melaleuca member, Nerolina, is a great alternative to Tea Tree for those looking for all the benefits of Tea Tree without the medicinal scent. 

You get a little bit of the Tea Tree scent in the background with a delicate floral over the top. 

Use for all things requiring an antibacterial hit, for an anti-inflammatory massage or to release congestion during times of colds and flus.


 Use to clean minor scrapes and wounds to reduce infection. Can assist with blemishes due to its antibacterial properties.   

Mind: Reduce stress and nervous tension.

Body: Immune support, reducing respiratory symptoms, and protect against cold and flu.

Melaleuca quinquenervia. Sourced from Australia

Safe For Children: Yes

Safe For Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: Yes