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Rosalina Essential Oil 10ml

Rosalina essential oil 10ml

Rosalina Essential Oil 10ml

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A member of the Melaleuca family, Rosalina is a little Tea Tree like, a little Lavender like and even a little Eucalyptus like. 

She packs a punch in all things respiratory support, can ease a headache, calm a racing mind and provide emotional support.

A great addition to your skincare routine for those suffering acne and dermatitis.  Blend with a carrier oil to help soothe rashes and add to your hair care to assist with dandruff.

Insect repellent/bites:  May help to deter flying insects when diffused. Apply diluted Rosalina to a bug bite to ease itching and swelling. 

Respiratory System: Diffuse to assist with respiratory conditions and sinus congestion, especially helpful for children prone to ENT infections. 

Safe for Children: Yes

Safe for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: Yes    

Ingredients:  Melaleuca ericifolia

Country Of Origin:  Australia

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Natalie S
Effective and gentle

Im finding Rosalina Oil really good as a spot treatment for mild acne. I was using another brand of something similar and it always stung a bit. Im really happy with it. Can't recommend it enough.

Jessica B.

First time using Rosalina essential oil and it doesn't disappointment. A refreshing scent that is not overpowering. I've used it at night time for Restlessness and to help me relax. Will be a great one to use when the household is sick also. So many great benefits from an Australian tree!