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Sandalwood 3% Essential Oil In Jojoba 10ml

sandalwood essential oi 10ml

Sandalwood 3% Essential Oil In Jojoba 10ml

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Australia's most precious essential oil, Sandalwood is prized across the world for its remarkable healing abilities. 

Used widely for skincare to help rejuvenate, repair and nourish the skin as well as calming, grounding and relaxing the mind and body.

Pre-diluted with Jojoba oil, this is ready to use as is or you can further blend it with other oils.


 Relieve dry and irritated skin, reduce inflammation, repair scaring, discolouration and general skin damage. 

Mind: Promote relaxation and settle emotions during times of stress.

Body: Sandalwoods anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect for helping with sore muscles, swollen lymph nodes, headaches and all conditions relating to the respiratory system.

Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis) and Australian Sandalwood ( Santalum spicatum) essential oil.

Safe For Children:  Yes

Safe For Pregnancy & Breastfeeding:  Yes

Country Of Origin: Australia (Sandalwood) America (Jojoba)