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Tangerine Essential Oil 10ml

tangerine essential oil

Tangerine Essential Oil 10ml

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Relieve nervous tension and stress with the fresh, sweet and tangy scent of Tangerine essential oil. 

Tangerine has been shown to have a tonic effect on the digestive system and is able help ease & calm an upset tummy when used in a gentle abdominal massage.    

The calming and relaxing properties of tangerine make it a great addition to blends to help with sleep and as an alternative to Lavender.

 Can help with acne and to balance congested skin.  Blend with a carrier oil such as Jojoba or Rosehip to a maximum of 1% (3 drops per 10ml of carrier oil) for use on the face.   

Mind: Relieve nervous tension, stress & anxiety.

Body:  Blend with essential oils such as ginger and peppermint for an abdominal massage to relieve cramping & flatulence.

Citrus reticulata. Sourced from China

Safe For Children:  Yes

Safe For Pregnancy & Breastfeeding:  Yes